About  us


Starlight Solar has been operating in Yuma, AZ since 2001. We are very committed to offering the highest quality parts and service. Having a reliable, long lasting and well functioning PV solar, inverter and battery power system is what the customer pays for and we deliver it. We believe that it makes no sense cutting corners to save a few dollars. As much as possible, we choose to stock and sell the best American and Canadian made products.

We encourage you to come to our store. You can expect it to be an educational experience with many of your questions answered. We enjoy educating our customers so you can make the right purchase. Over 70% of our new customers are direct referrals from past satisfied customers. I know that this would not be possible if we were not doing the job right. We ask that you give Starlight Solar the opportunity to show you the difference in quality and service that we provide.

When you come to our store, you will meet Debbie and Larry. For over 30 years we have worked together managing several technology based companies. Today we are committed to making Starlight Solar the very best company in the US for RV solar powered systems.

Debbie is always cheerful and willing to help. Her knowledge about batteries and renewable power sources might surprise you. She schedules the installation jobs for hundreds of RV's each season while managing the retail store.

Larry has a gift for fast and accurate diagnosis of any power related problem, especially when it involves batteries. When it comes to system engineering, Larry can see problems ahead of time and help you avoid the many pitfalls of bad design.

Our installation team has been with us since 2006. No one can match the attention to detail that Jim and Renda provide to every customer. If there is a better way to do something, they are always looking for it. Every RV is unique so every installation has it’s own set of issues. Our team has seen them all and has the experience to do the job efficiently and quickly. They take great care not to disturb anything in your RV while we are working.

Our Pledge to Serve You

    We acknowledge that the purpose of our business is to serve the customer by providing the very best, even if they aren’t sure what that is. We sincerely offer the following pledge to you.

• We will acknowledge you and assist you in a courteous and professional manner. 

• We will take time to listen and understand your needs and desires. 

• We will continuously study, understand and recommend the products that are best suited to meet your needs. 

• We will patiently explain our recommendations and discuss the reasons why we specify a certain product.

• We will never promote a product or service based on profit, greed or any reason that does not serve your best interest. 

• We will deal truthfully and never lie to you. If we do not know something or make a mistake, we will tell you so.

• We will serve you, our customer, like we would want to be served.                                                      


We believe “Lying lips are abomination to the LORD: but they that deal truly are his delight.” Proverbs 12:22

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