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Starlight Solar is the premier battery dealer in the US  designing and installing GBS Lithium Ion Battery for your RV. GBS offers the latest technology in SAFE RV lithium batteries. The unique formulated battery has characteristics of high energy density, low self-discharge rate and very long cycle life.  Learn why GBS is the best RV battery technology. 

Six 2 volt L16 batteries make up this 1400AH bank. Over 18,000 Watt Hours are available to run all RV loads.

    Whenever your RV is away from shore power, you must rely on a generator or your batteries for power. If you enjoy dry camping or boon-docking, it is important to have a quality and well designed battery bank.

    Starlight Solar sells many types and sizes of batteries. For most full time RV’ers, we recommend Lifeline batteries. Lifeline are AGM batteries that require no maintenance other than fully charging them. Lifeline batteries are about 20% more efficient than flooded batteries which means it takes less generator time or less PV solar power to recharge them.

    We stock many battery sizes including Group 24, 27, 31, GC2, GC2 tall and L16. Batteries are available in 2, 4, 6 and 12 volt sizes.

  We are an Authorized Dealer for Lifeline, Trojan, Crown, FullRiver, Deka, Centennial, Rolls, US Battery, and Odyssey.    


    Our specialty is in custom designing the right battery system for you, one that fits in with your use and lifestyle.

    Come by our store for your free consultation and help in choosing the right battery.

Lifeline offers many sizes of AGM Deep Cycle batteries.


This 54lb, 200AH Lithium battery will replace a 260lb lead acid battery pack and last 4 times longer!

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