About  Charge Controllers


    If you use PV solar power to charge your batteries, it is important to deliver ALL the power to your loads and battery. Simple PWM and older controllers can’t do that.

  For best performance, we recommend maximum power point tracking controllers or MPPT controllers for most RV’s and all off grid homes. MPPT controllers are the ONLY controllers that can deliver full power from your PV module. All other controller types will waste 10%, 20% or even more than 30% of your power. Learn more here.

    Starlight Solar sells many types and sizes of charge controllers. We are an Authorized Dealer for Blue Sky Energy, Midnite Solar, Outback Power, Morningstar, Xantrex, Schneider, Steca and others.     


    Our specialty is in custom designing the right charging system for you, one that fits in with your use and lifestyle.

    Come by our store for your free consultation.

Our best RV and off grid controller is the Blue Sky Energy 3024iL, 40 Amp controller. Fully programable, lighting control, 3-stage charging, auxiliary output  and more.

When combined with the IPN Pro remote (below) you will have the most advanced charging and battery monitoring available.

Outback Power has 60 and 80 amp models.

Midnite Solar Classic 150 allows up to 1400 Watts or 96 amps at 12 volts!