RV Solar Power...

Never run out of power again. With a Starlight Solar PV charging system, you can stay anywhere for as long as you like and make your own electricity, silently and cleanly. Compared to a generator, a PV solar charging system will save you a bundle.

Off Grid Power...

If you need off grid power for your remote cabin or home, we will design the right system just for you. No off-the-shelf box of parts can compare to our years of experience and personal attention to your needs and desires. And, we can save you a bundle...ask us how.


Storing your energy to use later is done with batteries. We sell the best of US and Canadian made batteries from companies like Lifeline, FullRiver, Rolls, Crown, Trojan and more. We have a large stock of AGM batteries in 2 through 12 volts sizes. We also offer Lithium Ion batteries.

Charge Controllers...

Did you know that modern charge controllers can make a significant difference in how much power you get from your PV solar modules? RV and off grid Charge controllers from Blue Sky Energy, Midnite Solar and others offer the latest in MPPT technology. We stock controllers up to 96 amps.


If you want to run RV appliances without a generator or shore power, you will need an inverter. Todays high quality inverter/chargers From Magnum Energy will let you run any appliance like coffee maker, toaster, microwave, TV and satellite receiver. Off grid inverters to over 17kW.

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Starlight Solar designs and installs the highest quality PV solar power systems for your RV, toy-hauler, motorhome, camper, boat or off grid home. With the most knowledgeable service and finest installation available of Batteries, Inverters, PV Solar Modules (Solar Panels), Converters, Chargers, Monitors, and more, we back every installation with our exclusive Lifetime Guarantee. Our renewable energy retail store and service center is located in Yuma, AZ.

For RV Lithium Ion Battery info, see our new website herehttp://www.lithiumrvbattery.com/Lithium_RV_Battery/Home.html