About  Inverters


    If you want to use battery power to run appliances like a TV or toaster or vacuum, you need an inverter.

  There are two types of inverters for you to consider: a modified square wave (MSW) and a sine wave (SW)*. Look at the digram to the right. The blue line is a sine wave. This is the type of waveform you get from utility power. The red line is trying to emulate the blue line by modifying a square waveform, thus the name Modified Square Wave. 

    For best performance, Starlight Solar recommends a SW inverter for most RV’s and all off grid homes. There are many MSW inverters being used but beware, some items can be destroyed by using a MSW inverter and you won’t know until it happens.

    Starlight Solar sells many sizes of inverters, from 100 Watts to 8000 Watts. We have 12, 24 and 48 volt inverters. Some have built in chargers and AC transfer switching. Most inverters have remote panels to control the inverter power and features. If you want to power all major loads in your RV, we recommend a 2000 Watt or larger inverter. With that size you can easily run all appliances.


    We are an Authorized Dealer for Magnum Energy, Outback Power, GoPower, Exeltech, Samlex America and others.


    Our specialty is designing the right inverter power system for you, one that fits in with your needs and lifestyle.

    Come by our store for your free consultation and help choosing the right inverter.

* Don’t be fooled by nonsense marketing terms like “pure sine wave” or “modified sine wave” which are meant to confuse and trick people.

NEW! Magnum Energy MSH hybrid inverter will couple with a small generator to run heavy loads like a microwave oven.

Sine wave is the best choice for trouble free operation.