High Power systems for your all electric Class A gives you many days of operation without a generator.


    When it comes to AC power for your RV, you have two options: plug into shore power or run a generator. If you enjoy dry camping or boon-docking, there is a third option that is far more cost effective than using fuel and oil to run a generator: Install an inverter and  photovoltaic (PV) solar charging system on your roof.

    With a powered by STARLIGHT PV solar charging system, you can capture all the energy you need from the star that lights and heats our planet. With our well designed systems, you can use the free starlight energy from our sun to fully charge your batteries every day allowing you to live comfortably in your favorite quiet remote spot or anywhere you go.

    Starlight Solar designs and installs the highest quality PV solar charging systems in your Class A motorhome, fifth wheel, camper, toy hauler, horse trailer or any kind of RV or boat and we back our workmanship with our exclusive Lifetime Guarantee. We have installed over 3000 RV power systems since 2002. We never cut corners to save time and we choose to stock and install the best quality components.

    Our specialty is in custom designing the right system for you, one that fits in with your use and lifestyle. After some discussion about your RV lifestyle, we will make sure you are getting only what you need or desire, whether you only need 100 Watts or over 2000 Watts for your all electric coach. PV solar modules (aka solar panels), batteries, chargers, monitors and more are all selected based on your choices, and then professionally installed.

    Gather up all your questions and come by our store for your free consultation. We love to help you make the right choices before you buy.

Note: We only install products that are or were purchased from us.


Even small Class B campers benefit from PV solar charging.

I have captured the light....The battery is full....As the sun sets, I can enjoy my quiet freedom.